Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

“The mission of FashionAde is to promote self expression and foster self confidence by providing apparel and fashion guidance to disadvantaged young adults and children.”

Our Vision:

FashionAde recognizes that fashion plays a pivotal role in the lives of young adults and children as it assists in shaping their identities. Clothing and accessories are used as a means of self expression, a creative outlet, and as an art form. FashionAde provides disadvantaged young adults and children with access to the latest trends so that they can feel expressive and confident in their daily lives. As fashion mentors, we partner with organizations such as shelters, group homes and schools and meet our goals by providing the following:

• “Style 101” how-to guide of appropriate attire for all occasions

• Presentations on how to get the most use out of less clothing

• Budgeting tips on how and where to shop

Our apparel and accessory donations come from a variety of places including major fashion brands and stores, but our most profound resource is The Fashion Ade.  Fashion Ades are members who sign up to donate clothing and accessories from their very own closets. We work with each Fashion Ade to customize a donation schedule applicable to their lifestyle.  All Fashion Ades receive seasonal updates and newsletters that show how their donations have been put to good use, and the noteworthy differences in the lives of young adults and children they are making.


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